Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paul and AiWen meet again

Well we finally got together with AiWen's family. We traveled with them during Paul's adoption trip. They only live 30 minutes from us......but life has been a little busy for both us and AiWen's family. Both Paul and AiWen came into their new families as the 4th child. We had such a good visit that we vowed to get together more often!!!!! AiWen is just one month older than Audrey. Audrey was being very grumpy when it was time for picture taking, so she is off in another room pouting. The summer is just flying past us. We took Andrew and Natalie to Kings Island last week. They had a blast!!! Natalie was even tall enough to ride most of the big rides. We are sooo close to having our paper work done for our "big news."

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Paul's 15 minutes of fame

About a month ago Half the Sky contacted me letting me know that was going to be in their quarterly newsletter. The asked for a recent picture of him. They must have got the picture on the left from his HTS report, we sent the photo on the right. We were thrilled to receive the newsletter over the weekend. Paul along with seven other kids who were in various HTS programs had home updates. I continue to sing the praises of what Half the Sky does for the orphans of China. I pray that someday they will make their way to Audrey's orphanage.