Sunday, May 20, 2007

Love Without Boundaries Auction on eBay

Love Without Boundaries is one of my favorite charities for the orphans of China. They are having their annual Art Auction on eBay right now. We donated our White Swan Barbie from Paul's adoption trip. There are only 2 off these Barbies on the list this is at $86 and the other is at $90...with 3 days to go yet. Oh, it make me sad to think that the Barbie we got from Audrey's adoption trip is spending her eternity naked at the bottom of a toy box. She too could have been used to raise money for heart surgeries for babies in China...if I had only known?? One of my good internet friends donated the cutest ladybug quilt too. She has big plans to make more quilts for next year's auction.
Here's the main LWB eBay page:

Here's one of the Barbies that we donated:

Here's my friend's beautiful quilt: