Sunday, November 18, 2007

Families United Through International Adoption Harvest Party

I am only a month behind schedule updating our blog. My friend Carrie graciously offered to take care of our international adoptive fall party. I originally thought that we would be getting ready to make our first trip to Armenia (haha). Carrie did a great job putting the party on and her husband Jeff did a great job tolerating Carrie during the whole process (thanks Jeff). The weather was terrific and the kids had lots of fun!! Josie (Carrie and Jeff's daughter born in South Korea) was the cutest "Pooh dressed up like a honey bee" that I have ever seen.
Carrie made these neat cards expressing a fall greeting in our children's languages.

The only group photo I got. The other kids were too busy having fun outside to come in for pictures.

Audrey, Riley, Luke and Paul are in the tunnel and Andrew and his friend Austin are on top.

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