Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Rita

Shortly after school started Rita's class was asked to bring in a baby picture of themselves. The youngest photo we had of Rita she was probably 5 yrs old. The teacher made copies of all of the baby photos and then the kids had to guess who the babies where. Rita was sad when she came home because "Mom everybody know Rita...Rita big girl" (her English is so much better now). So I emailed the adoption agency to see if the Armenian facilitator could try to come up with some baby pictures. I didn't hear anything until one day a few snapshots showed up in our mail box. I knew that my scanner wasn't good enough to be able to zoom in and still keep the clarity, so I took the snapshots to a photo restoration guy. I just got the pictures back today. Rita was absolutely thrilled!!!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I am most excited for Rita. She can't believe all of the presents under the tree. Today she even got a gift from our baby sitter and then from her best friend at school (Anna is still her orphanage best friend/sister). Megan gave Rita the cutest shirt that says "I'm the Best Friend". Rita may drive us bonkers from time to time but we love her dearly. I wish I could be in her little head when she comes down those stairs on Christmas morning. I always remember the excitement that I felt on Christmas morning......just imagine being 7 years old and celebrating your very first Christmas with your new family. Rita's favorite tree on display at our library the "Bling Bling" tree.

Rita was so proud of her gingerbread house.

Rita and Natalie making paperchains to decorate the tree in the 1910 school house at Sauder Village.
Merry Christmas Everyone.... May God Bless You and Your Family!!


Renee said...

Those pictures are so adorable. Tell Rita I think her new glasses make her look very sophisticated!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I love it! What a little cutie she was and still is :) Though, I agree, she is looking very grown up and sophisticated. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas :)


bmamc5 said...

Megan wasnt able to guess the baby was Rita! Let Rita know that. She was as adorable then as she is now. Megan is so excited to show Rita her toys, she is already planning the next time Rita will visit us!! You both are so lucky to have the children you have in your lives, as they are lucky to have both of you. Ted and you are an insperation for us all.

Tracy said...

I love her baby pictures!!!! Too sweet!!! She is so beautiful and growing so much. Hugs,