Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Spring has sprung...finally!! It was such a beautiful and totally lazy weekend. I couldn't resist this picture of Ted and Audrey from Saturday night. Andrew surprised Grandpa by being able to give him a piggy-back ride. The kids enjoyed a visit from my dad. He lives about 2 hours away. He came and took us out for lunch (and quickly learned why we don't eat out with 5 kids very often!!). Then we spent some time at the park. Before he left everyone had showed off all of their latest tricks/ riding, hanging upside down, basket shooting, piano playing, reading, etc.
Rita may not be able to climb across the monkey bars but she sure can do alot of other things on those bars.Natalie and Audrey teaching Boots how to dance. He has recovered from surgery quite well. Now he only pees on half of the fire hydrants and telephone poles instead of every single one on our walks.
Tomorrow is Paul's 4th birthday. He can hardly wait. Also, in my last post I talked about our meeting at school in regards to Rita. Well, the principal call on Friday afternoon and told us that Rita's IAT team decided to get things rolling even faster. Tomorrow she'll go back to her original 1st grade classroom in the afternoons. She is so excited and we're so proud of her.
Oh...if you need a good movie rental recommendation...check out "Changeling". It's rated R, so it's not for kids. It is based on a true story and absolutely unbelievable.


mom 2 many said...

Sounds like a FUN weekend!! That Bootzie is rotten :-) lol
YAY Rita!! I am glad they are working with her!

k1 said...

We used to have Schnauzers when we were kids... Eric and Max. They are very smart dogs.

I got the earrings and necklace from RMJ's shower. Thanks!!!