Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let's make a difference!!

Well God is at it again..He is one busy Guy! Three years ago we became internet friends with family much like our own from Michigan. They had a son named Andrew, very close in age to our Andrew and a daughter,Emma, around Audrey's age also adopted from China. The Anderson's were also waiting to bring home a special needs child from Paul's orphanage as we were waiting to bring Paul home ourselves. Shortly after we adopted Paul, they adopted YuMei a sweet 9 yr. old girl born with a cleft lip and palate. YuMei has adjusted wonderfully, so much so that the Anderson's set out to adopt again. Over the last year they have been working on adopting a 12 yr old boy from China, Lin Lin. Here is the catch...their adoption agency just told them about another SN girl who needs a family ASAP. This girl will turn 14 in October. After the age of 14 kids are no longer allowed to be adopted. China, will allow the Anderson's to adopt her along with Lin.....but not for free. We could haggle back and forth why they can't adopt her at no extra expenses....but that is NOT the point. The point is that this girl has reached her last chance of finding a family to call her own. The Anderson's need approximately $7500 in the next month to do this (in additon to $20,000 or so for Lin's adoption).

Here is where the Homan's come in. I know about that tug at one's heart when God is calling you to do something that seems impossible or even crazy to most people. We all know that God works in mysterious ways. The Anderson's will be frantically fundraising over the next month. Paul and I are making a road trip to MI on Friday to help with their garage sale. I would love to fill our van with garage sale items, baked goods, surplus food garden vegtables. My goal is to have enough room for me and Paul and our sleeping bags and the rest filled with items to help the Anderson's out. If you have any items you would like to donated please bring them to our house by Thurs. Here is a simple list I hope to bring:

Garage Sale item: clean, packed at efficiently as possible, even price marked if you have time
Fresh Baked Goods
Veggies from your garden (fresh please)
*good old cash donations accepted too~if everyone on my email list and facebook friends donated $5.00, I could give the Anderson's $500, wouldn't that be awesome*

Paul and I plan to leave by 5:00am Friday. If you can't help in anyway please pray for the Anderson's and for a safe journey for me and Paul.

To read more about Tina and her family:


Shirlee McCoy said...

I hope the garage sale went well.

You have a beautiful family, Alison.

YvetteC said...

Alison, I happened to stop by your blog again this early morning. Thanks so much for helping out Tina's family with their adoption of their two teens. It's gotten me thinking about doing it again myself! Your family is growing up beautifully and Rita is really growing!