Friday, February 23, 2007

All of My Children

Natalie and Andrew spent a lot of time outside last week enjoying the big snow piles. Paul and Audrey spent a lot of time driving me crazy last week while we were snowed in. Baby powder anyone?
Our beautiful Luke was born Dec. 17, 1999 and passed away the next day. A local artist does these amazing sketches of people who have passed away. Rarely does a day go by that I don't think about our son.

Today we had our first post-placement visit for Paul's adoption. The Chinese government requires 3 post-placement visits done by a social worker. Since Paul is doing so great there was very little to talk about.

For those of you who live in our area be sure to check out Monday's Daily Standard. There is supposed to be an article about the new international adoptive group that I helped get started.

I would like to invite you to view my friend's blog. They are awaiting the arrival of their daughter from South Korea. But I must WARN you........brace yourself for unbelievable cuteness!!!!

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Sam said...

Wonderful photos! And you can keep that snow! Hope you keep power with the ice storm tonight.