Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two years ago today.......

This picture was taken of Audrey just 2 days before we met her. She is holding the puppy that we sent her. This is my favorite picture of her from inside the orphanage. I hope they kept Audrey warm enough :)
The dreaded "Red Couch Photo"...loved by the parents.....hated by the children!!
We're going home!!!! Waiting at the Guangzhou airport.
Tonight as I was putting Audrey in bed, I told her "the story of Audrey" again. It was two years ago today that we met her for the very first time. She loves HER story and giggles every time I tell it:

Two years ago Mommy and Daddy flew all the way to China because we knew of a special baby named Qin Chun Hong who lived in an orphanage and needed somebody to love her. We were in the lobby of our hotel when a bunch of babies with their caretakers came walking in. The guide said "parents of Chun Hong please come forward" (this is where I act all excited and wave my hands). That's us, we say, we're the lucky parents of Chun Hong. I remind Audrey that while the caretaker was still holding her...she pointed to me and said "Mama" while Audrey stuck her little lip out and shook her head no. I'll ask Audrey "Didn't you like your new mommy" she replies "Moooooooom, I love you." At the end of the story I always ask her "how's come mom and dad are lucky enough to be your parents forever and forever." She'll say "don't know" and I tell her that God picked her out extra-special just for us.


Journey2LilyRose said...

Hi Alison,

Love the story. I can't wait to tell Lily Rose her story. Glad Paul is doing so well. But then again, all Chenzhou babies do great. Talk with you soon.


jak3g5 said...

What a beautiful story! No wonder she loves to hear it over and over. She is such a cute bundle in those photos. Your new blog is off to a terrific start! (I am having some troubles posting so I hope there aren't two when I hit send.)


Jim said...

We love the story of Audrey. These past two years have sure gone by fast.

Jim & Laura

Sam said...

That's so sweet!!! You are the best Mommy!!! Congrats on your 2 years together!

Ken & Mystina said...

Oh Alison! I have tears in my eyes! That was just beautiful. I hope that we can have something similar to that with Livi when she comes home. Just so special. Congratulations on 2 years together and may there be many, many more.


Shelli said...

Darling!! I wonder what they were thinking putting him in a dress!? LOL Maybe it was a substitute nanny!?

::sigh:: He's so cute, even in a dress.