Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Paul

Life is good!!!
"Dad made me help clean-up after the remodeling."
Audrey's posed smiles leave a little bit to be desired.
Okay Paul, we have pictures of you wearing a dress and now you are riding a pink and purple there something you would like to tell us???

Wow!! Paul is 2 now. I know I've said this 100 times but I still can't believe he is home with us now and forever and ever. He is just the greatest little guy you could ask for. We celebrated his birthday by going to Chuck-e-Cheese....where a kid can be a kid and a parent can go insane!! Actually we had fun there. It wasn't too crowded for a Saturday so we let the kids run free.

Our remodeling is almost done. I hope to post pictures of the finished product soon. Ted sure is handy to have around. My next big project is Paul's life book. I sat down this weekend and got the first seven pages done. That may sound great...but Audrey's book is 90 pages long and I plan for Paul's to be around the same length. I know 90 pages sounds crazy but this is the only memory that I have to offer Audrey and Paul of their year to almost two years.

Say a quick prayer for Paul's birth mother tomorrow as it will be 2 years ago tomorrow that he was left at the gate of his orphanage. These abandonment dates are the days that I think of Paul and Audrey's birth mothers' the most.


The Cheetah!!! said...

Hei,it is a wonderful day . I wish i can stay with you to congratulaiong on paul's birthday.

Journey2LilyRose said...

Hi Alison,

What great pictures. Paul looked very happy. Glad he was able to be home to celebrate his 2nd b'day with his family. Thanks for the copy of the life book. It gave me some great ideas for LilyRose's life book. Talk with you soon.


Ken & Mystina said...
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Ken & Mystina said...

Happy be-lated birthday Paul! Congratulations on turning 2. You are getting to be quite the handsome young man. I hope you had a wonderful time at Chuck-E-Cheese's. You and my Olivia are only about 6 days apart in age! Livi's birthday was April 1. Hopefully she will be home soon and we can celebrate her birthday too.

Grow big & strong little man!