Monday, March 5, 2007

Real men wear dresses...and pink sandals too?

Can anyone say black mail??? I think Paul actually looks pretty good in ruffles.
It's a BOY!!
It's hard to believe that Paul was ever a sweet little baby.
We received Paul's Half the Sky report today. It was so great to see Paul at different ages. The report is translated so now I know when he first sat up, crawled, walked, etc. As many of you know Chinese to English can translate a little "strange" sometimes. The written report that went with the lovely dress picture stated "Now he is gaining appreciation for beauty. When he puts beautiful clothes on he is very happy".........hmmmmmm?

I am so thankful for this report. I wish we would have had something like this on Audrey. These reports are just one of the many great things that Half the Sky does for the children in the orphanages..


Ken & Mystina said...

...And ruffles no less! So cute. How special to have these missing pieces filled in for you.
And everyone has to have some of those cute "embarassing" photos of their children to show future boyfriends or girlfriends, or for use as blackmail! Precious, precious moments.


carrie said...

Even in a dress he is still just the cutest ever! Love the new blog by the way.


Journey2LilyRose said...

LilyRose just wanted to wish Paul a very Happy 2nd Birthday. We all send Happy Birthday Wishes to Paul. Enjoy your day big guy.

Lisa, Anthony, Joseph and LilyRose who is from Chenzhou also

The Cheetah!!! said...

The new blog is so wonderful.
Paul dress the shirt is so cute.