Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dayton's FCC Christmas Party

Myself, Paul, Audrey, Natalie and my niece Emily made to Dayton's FCC party (families with children from China). The families who organized it did a great job!!! I even finally got to meet one of my cyber friends in person (hey Sam). There were crafts, good food, a visit from Santa and even a secret craft in the kitchen...."NO moms allowed!!!" Sam's son, Cullen, did a good job guarding the kitchen doors to make sure no moms crossed the line. The kids came out of the kitchen with wrapped gifts for mom. Even though it took over an hour to get there it was well worth the drive.
Emily and Natalie making candy cane ornaments.
Both Emily and Natalie insisted that they would NOT sit on Santa's lap. I asked "well what if Santa has a gift for you???" Emily was the first kid from our group to get a gift from Santa's bag and boy oh boy she couldn't get up to Santa's lap fast enough!!!
On the way home Natalie and Emily debated if this was the real Santa or one of his helpers. Emily was sure he was the real deal (he was an excellent Santa) and Natalie was positive that he was one of Santa's helpers....hmmmm????
"Is it my turn yet??"

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