Sunday, December 16, 2007

Star Student

Well, this was Natalie's turn to be the "Star Student" for the week. The star student basically gets to be extra special all week long (bring in pictures, show-n-tell all week long, first in line, etc.) When your the the star student you get to invite any of your family to eat lunch. So earlier in the week Grandma and Grandpa Homan ate with her. On Friday, Ted, the little kids and myself ate with her. If you have family come for lunch you get to set at the special round tables and you even get to invite 2 friends from your class to sit with your family. It was really fun and Natalie's friends are sweet!!!
Once again I've done multiple post at one sitting so be sure to scroll down to see what else has been going on in our lives. Tomorrow is our sweet Luke's birthday. I can't believe that he would have been 8 years old. I still miss him and think of him often.

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