Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the winners are......

I want to send out a HUGE thanks to everyone who placed an order at my cyber show!!!!!! We made about $250. By becoming a lia sophia advisor I have made almost enough money for my first plane ticket to Armenia plus I have enough shows scheduled in April to hopefully make enough for another ticket. This has been a great money maker for our adoption, so please let me know if I can help you become a lia sophia advisor to help fund your adoption. I was thrilled that my 3 winners were all adoptive moms just like me!!! One mom is even a Chenzhou mom (she has also a child from Chenzhou....Paul's orphanage). So here they are....

1st) Majorie from MO won $100 her choice of jewelry
2nd) Laurie from TX won 1 item of her choice up to $100
3rd) Yvette from KS also won 1 item of her choice up to $100

Plus my Aunt Pam (who is going to Armenia with me on the first trip) received a special prize!!

Thanks ladies!!!!!!!

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