Monday, March 24, 2008

Pine Wood Derby

Andrew won first place in his den at his very first pine wood derby!!!! He also won a trophy for best design in his den. Oh....if you're wondering why Andrew has a funny look on his face it's because he is now the proud owner of a bionator (huge orthodontic mouth piece). I am so proud of how good he has been about wearing it and we are already seeing a big change in his lower jaw. Besides his 2 trophies, he also won two 3rd place ribbons (I forget what for....yes, I am a horrible mom!!)
Waiting to see whose car goes the fastest.
Audrey and Pastor Kelly weren't really paying attention to the races, they were too busy goofing off!!! Aunt Renee was even out for a quick visit. Andrew thought Aunt Renee had made a special trip just for the pine wood derby!!!

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