Monday, March 24, 2008

My baby is THREE.....yes 3!!!!

Paul's birthday fell on Easter this year. We all got him really excited about his birthday on Saturday. If you asked him whose birthday was tomorrow he would start singing his version of "happy birthday." He loved his GeoTrak train that we got him. Be sure to scroll all of the way down. I did 4 post tonight!!!! My baby boy, how can you be three already!!!!
"Can you believe that I'm going to have another sister to put up with soon......these 2 girls drive me crazy!!!!"
Paul doing his "scary" face. He likes to come up to me and say "scare mom" and I say "oh your so scary" and then he tries to be even scarier. I hate to tell him that he is the CUTEST scary-boy that I have ever seen!!!!
All my boys after church Easter morning. I didn't get a picture of the girls. Natalie barfed at the church breakfast so she wasn't really up for picture time.


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Paul!!!!

You are growing up too quickly like another Little Man I know.. who happens to love Geo Trax too:)

(I must admit I assembling tracks has become one of my new favorite things to do.)

So excited your new sister will be home soon!

journey2lilyrose said...

Happy Birthday Paul from your Chenzhou sister LilyRose.

Alison, Paul is as handsome as ever. Congratulations on the travel news for Rita. Really happy for you all.

Congratulations Andrew on winning The Pine Wood Derby. My son Joseph won 1st place his first year too.

Loved the cloth map of China, what a great idea. Whereever did you guys come up with that? I would love to bring it to the attention of our chapter for next year. Let me know!!!

Talk with you soon Alison.