Sunday, May 18, 2008

I went to the bathroom by myself today!!!!

Yes, that is something to be excited about. I have not went to the bathroom by myself since Monday morning and it is Sunday. Rita is feeling more comfortable about letting me out of her sight. I even sneaked into the bathroom this morning and took half of my shower by myself. Rita's adoration is kind of nice....I do feel a little bit like a queen. She hand me my toilet paper, she puts on my deodorant, she opens my water, stirs my coffee, puts on my socks...I think you get the picture.

Today we went out with out a guide for the day (our choice). It's B birthday and we told F that we could stay busy on our own close to the apartment. We decided to go back to the flea market and finish our shopping for souvineers. We knew what we wanted this time so we went straight to the vendors that helped us yesterday. Today I really, really wish I had my USB cord because I have the most amazing pictures. There was a man with just one leg playing the accordian in the middle of the market. Rita started dancing to his song and he noticed. He asked what her name was and he sang a song about "beautiful Rita" (Rita seriun). He was smiling so big while she was swaying to his song. It is by far my favorite moment of being in Armenia. Of course when he was done Rita told her story (Guymri, mama and papa, America). The man turned to us and thanked us many times. Just an amazing moment that I will never forget as long as I live.

After the flea market we went to a pizza place that we haven't bee to yet. More good food!!! Rita took it easy at lunch so no vomit today;) We went back to the apartment for a rest and then we went to the park. Rita and I went to the swings and a group of 6 or 7 kids came close looking at Rita's arm. Rita seemed not to notice their curiosity but I wanted to stop their staring so I said a BIG hello!! They all greeted us "hello" and went about practicing their English on me. Rita was so excited that these kids spoke both Hyedan and Angledon. One, who was 10, was easy to talk with. I told her to tell her teacher tomorrow that she spoke to an American and that I said her English was very good. She was so happy and I could tell she was telling her friends about 'dprots' , I'm assuming she was saying what I had said to her. There happened to be an Asian family there. They has 2 older boys and a little girl about 2. Ted and I had noticed that the were Asian but didn't say anything to Rita. Rita went up to the little girl and caming running back "and Audrey and Audrey!!!!!" We couldn't believe that she put 2 and 2 together and the little girl reminded her of Audrey. Oh.....while I'm thinking about it......Rita had talked to my niece Emily on the phone yesterday. When I was done doing my blog post I showed her my brother's blog so she could see Emily. As soon as she saw Rachel's (my brother and SIL adopted a 3 year old girl from China 5 months ago) pictures she got all excited "AUDREY, AUDREY, AUDREY" was too cute!!! I pointed to Emily and Taylor pictures and acted like they were Natalie and Rita and then to Rachel's photo and acted like she was Audrey.....I think Rita understands they are sisiters too even though they don't look alike. Also Rita was so excited when I told her that Emily was Emily Rose......Rita tells everyone that askes her name "Rita Rose." She will be really excited when she learns that she has 2 Homan cousins with that middle name also.

After the park we went to visit our favorite store clerk (Rita promised her we would visit everyday until we went to America). Today I brought the photo album that I had made for Rita. She looked at our family picture and said " have adopted other children." I told her about bring Audrey and Paul home. She called the other clerks over and there were 5 people looking at our album. They were all smiling so big. Rita was in all of her glory showing off her new family. Well as usual I have more to tell but Rita is ready to go so until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Love reading your posts Alison! Sounds like everything is going so great. Can't wait to see the pictures.


Julie said...

Rita sounds like SO much fun!!!! Jayde and I are having fun reading your posts. She wonders where Paul is! :)