Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks mom

The moment both girls had been waiting for!!
Painting her own fingernails........my LD kids don't let anything stop them!!!
"The Make Over"
All girls love being pampered, no matter what country your from.

Rita's English is growing at an amazing speed. It's kind of sad because when she's around the other kids she'll say "Thanks Mom" instead of our Armenia days when she said "Thank you Mama". The language transition in our family has been interesting. The other kids have been saying a few of the phrases that I say to Rita (their Armenian is even more horrible than mine). Rita is repeating everything that all of the kids say......even Paul. Paul's speech is very delayed so it is kind of comical to listen to Rita try to repeat what Paul is saying. Rita can almost count to 20 now in English, which she couldn't even count to 20 in Armenian, so I think her accomplishment is great!! She is really getting into the flashcards and ABC videos that we bought for her. Today Natalie sat down with her to practice writing her ABC's and numbers. Natalie enjoyed being the teacher and Rita was a great student.

I had hoped to delay some of Rita's doctors' appointments, until her English got better, but I don't think that is going to happen. She has been having sporadic pain on the side of her little arm. She told us that she has this pain when she runs. Her the left side of her chest is deformed also so I am wondering if her organs are being compressed. Then there are her beautiful eyes. She has some major strabismus going on. I talked to our optometrist on Friday and he said they could do a complete exam with the language barrier so we've got her scheduled for next week. Plus....I can't wait to start updating her immunizations...we'll all know how much she LOVES needles!!!


mom 2 many said...

Oh, I just love the picture of the 2 girls together! Rita is most definitely happy!! The trust is so amazing to me! You are blessed!!!

Mom2JosephLilyRoseJack said...

Hi ALison,

Rita is just beautiful. I am so glad that the kids are adjusting well to each other. keep the post coming and the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures! Her hair is beautiful and she really is such a girly girl. I can't believe how quickly she's learning :)


Kikilia said...

You have a beautiful new daughter. :-) Thank you for sharing with us in blogland.

As for her eyes- please be sure your eye doc checks her for insuffiecent convergency disorder or any other problem that might need vision therapy. (VT)

My Pipsqueak just completed a year of VT and the changes are amazing! (Her eye crossed somewhat as well).

Good luck and continue to enjoy your newest arrival.

Sonia said...

Hello Alison,

Love the new photos! It is amazing how quickly kids learn things. As for the eyes, we are also going to have Annalea checked by an opthamologist next week. I made the appointment before we left for Armenia. She definitely has a strabismus. I think hers may require a surgery, but we'll see.

We got home last night...and I think I am still on Yerevan time.


Andrea Nielsen said...

I love these photos, especially the one of Rita painting her nails! I am so happy to see all of your children together...they are beautiful. I love catching up!
Blessings to you all!