Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Happy Girl

Rita is one amzing, resilient child. She has not shed one tear since the traumatic drive to Yerevan. This morning one of the first things she told F was that she wanted him to call G to let her know that she was not crying anymore and she is very happy with her mama and papa. Before F came to our apartment Rita, Ted and myself ventured out on our own to do a little shopping (we got lost ......but that's another story). Anyways we went to the same store we were at yesterday. The same clerk was working...she just adores Rita. She speaks very good English and told me that yesterday that Rita told her that we were her mam and papa and that we took her from the orphanage and she will go to America and she is very happy. The clerk told Ted and I that she thinks we are such wonderful people to adopt Rita and that she was happy that Rita would have a family that loves her. Rita has a special "way" with everyone who meets her. A lady at the passport office had tears in her eyes yesterday just talking with Rita. F told me that Rita is very proud of her mama and she tells everyone.

A few stories from yesterday. Unfortunatley Rita had to had current bloodwork done. She told F that she was fine and that she didn't need new bloodwork. F tried to explain that, yes, she still had to have it done. She then told F that she would tell the nurses that she had bloodwork in Guymri and didn't need it done today and they would understand. We went to the clinic and sure enough she tried to convince the nurses that she didn't need her blood drawn. I went back with her to room. They said she could set one my lap. She was fine on my lap until the needle came out. She hit the road running!!!!!!! Ted had to block the door to the outside. F and the nurses tried to reason with her but it was useless. She HAD to have this done so F restrained her in his lap and I held her legs down. Two nuses held her arm down to drawn the blood. Thankfully since she was screaming so loud her veins were popping!!! The nurse got the blood on the first try. Rita whimpered and once the nurse was down she looked up at all 3 nurses and said "snorlackalution" (thank you!!). We all laughed!!!! Even if she is a bad patient she still is a polite patient!!! I was crying and I said look Rita you made mama gora (cry) . She consoled me!! She is such an amazing child!!!

Later on in the day Rita took her first taxi ride. She was so giddy with excitement. When the drive stopped and we all got out she popped her head back in the window and again said "Thank you" (in Armenian of course). The driver smiled and B proclaimed that Rita is the most polite little girl in Armenia!! I told B to tell her that G would be so proud of her good manners. Rita also used escalaters for the first time. Her first attempt at entering the escalator reminded Ted and I of the move Elf where he gets on the escalator-bascially doing the splits. Even after she learned the correct way to ride she still tried to be funny by doing the splits or tripping on purpose when we would get off.

Today she had to have her medical exam for her US visa. She was very nervous and we assured her there would be no needles. F didn't realize that the requirements had changed and now all children must have a TB test. Their TB test is different than what I am used to. Of course they use a needle to inject the serum. Rita freaked out a little bit but quickly calmed down. She had a basic vision test and the doctor said that she will definetly need to visit an opthamalogist for her strabism (Rita had told F that she can see just fine even with her strabism.....she likes to reason about everything).

Rita is still shy around Ted. She doesn't like for him to be too close to her but she always makes sure that he is included. Right now F and Ted are at the embassy and Rita was worried once she realized that papa was missing. She loves when Ted falls asleep on the couch and she likes to take his pictures and joke around in front of his face while he eyes are closed.

Aunt Pam...I was on the phone talking to the friend that is helping with the kids. She wanted to know if it was "marakuse" (aunt). I said no...and she remembered your thank you conversation and kept repeating it. "Thank you....NO, thank you...NO thank you and on and on."

I have many more stories but Rita and B are back so I must go. I miss the other kids....Rita has already bought Natalie a gift in her favorite color...lime green. More tomorrow. Forgive me spell check is too slow and Rita is ready to go!!!


Mom2JosephLilyRoseJack said...

Hi Alison

It sounds like you are all having a wonderful time. I am really glad that Rita has adjusted so well for you guys.

Keep the post coming and enjoy.


Kerry said...

Hi! Love your story about Rita. I'm here from the Armenian Angels loop. I love looking at your daughter's picture - can't wait to hear that you all are back home!

Anonymous said...

Alison!! She's yours!!! My heart breaks for her and you when I read the post before this one, but truly it is amazing how resilient kids are. I can't wait to see pictures :) How adorable that she is telling everyone how happy she is to be with you. She is a beautiful girl.


Sam said...

What an amazing little girl you have! I can't wait to meet her one day!!! Enjoy your trip!

mom 2 many said...

I love your Rita stories. She sounds like such a all around great kid! I am sooooo anxious to see pictures and read more stories.

Enjoy your time in Armenia.